Harry Unruh's 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

First purchased August 1, 1969 ... 
Re-purchased 40 years later, August 15, 2009 ... 
Restoration completed July 15, 2011.

VI.  Documentation

These are the documents that I have been able to obtain, proving the history and my previous ownership of the car.

1. Marti Deluxe Report


















- Sold 7/31/69 - the day we actually signed the papers; but we drove it off the lot on Aug. 1, 1969. It was the only orange Eliminator there at that time; they also had a Blue one to sell.

- Dealer  - George Black Motors


2. FoMoCo (Eminger) Invoice - This is the original document that was used by Ford Motor Co. for invoicing the dealer. It contains the complete option list and, generally, the wholesale and retail costs of the base vehicle, all options, and shipping. The original dealer the vehicle was shipped to is also included on the invoice along with the trim code, date the invoice was prepared, and several other items.

3. Window Sticker - I have also been able to get a copy of the original window sticker that Ford would have applied to the side window before shipping. I won't show it here because the data on it is identical to the invoice above.

4. Vehicle  Registration - I was able to obtain a copy of the original BC Motor Vehicle Registration of the car showing my name (HARRY ALLEN UNRUH), the VIN of this car (9F91M574471), and the date of the transaction (Aug. 1 1969) and my signature of that day.

I felt a great sense of relief when I received this document. It proved beyond any doubt that this really was MY car!!